Got a specific question?


Send us an email or live chat with us in the bottom right part of your screen! We're here to help, always.


How do we get in contact with you?


Our members and guests mean everything to us. For that reason we are available to be contacted via email ( and by phone Mike (Lessons & Junior Activities)(416) 821-5555 




How secure is our personal information?


We do everything we can to make sure your information is kept secure. Starting from our website, we use HTTPS (secure) to ensure all of your information is encrypted. All of our membership and activity forms use Google Sheets. We use their service to keep the transition of your information secure so the second you submit your information it is encrypted and stored in our secure database. If you have any more concerns about how we keep your information secure please check out our Privacy Policy or contact us at:




Do you have a summary of activity dates & times?


General Events

- Spring After-School Program (April-June; Weekdays) 4pm - 7pm

- Summer Camp (June-August; Weekdays) 9am - 4pm

- Fall After-School Program (September-October; Weekdays) 4pm - 7pm

- Junior Rookie Tournaments (May-October; Weekends) Saturday - 11am - 5pm / Sunday 9am - 4pm

- Adult 3.0 Tournaments (May-October) Afternoon - Nighttime

*Activities may arise without notice. Court Priority: Club activities > Members*

Weekly Events

- Monday Doubles Drop-in 7pm - 9pm

- Tuesday/Thursday (Alternating) Singles Ladder  7pm - 11pm

- Tuesday  Intercounty B Team 7pm - 11pm

- Wednesday House-League 6pm - 11pm

- Thursday Intercounty C Team 7pm - 11pm

- Friday Doubles Drop-in 7pm - 9pm



Online Registrations Opened

Sunday, December 8


Registration Day (at the club)
To Be Rescheduled - TBD

Opening Day Social
To Be Rescheduled - TBD

Monday Night Group Lessons
To Be Rescheduled - TBD

Monday & Friday Night Doubles Drop-Ins (First few Monday's will be delayed due to Free Lessons)
To Be Rescheduled - TBD

Tuesday Singles
To Be Rescheduled - TBD


Wednesday Night House-League
Evaluation: To Be Rescheduled - TBD

Official Start: To Be Rescheduled - TBD

Intercounty Teams
To Be Rescheduled - TBD


Spring After-School Program

Cancelled due to COVID-19


Summer Camp

June 15 - September 4 - Might Be Rescheduled - TBD


Fall After-School Program

September 8 - October 30 - Might Be Rescheduled - TBD


OTA Weekend Tournaments

To Be Rescheduled - TBD

Club Champion Tournament

Closing Night Event

Last day of tennis & Net take down

Friday, October 30 at 9pm

AGM (Annual General Meeting)




How does the Club operate, any volunteer opportunities?


We are operated by an Executive Board and volunteers. We are always open to adding more volunteers to our team.  Check out our volunteer page (MEMBERSHIP > MTC Volunteer Opportunities).  Please email if you are interested!



What important rules do I need to know?


1. You must keep your Membership Tag on your person if you wish to have priority over the courts.


2. We do not have a strict dress code, but please be sure to wear proper court shoes and tennis attire.


3. Wait for points to finish before crossing another court and enter from the appropriate gate ensuring that you don't disturb more courts than needed. (Gate 1: Court 1 & 2 - Gate 2: Court 3 & 4)


4. Be respectful at all times when at the Club, aggression and acting with dishonest intent is strictly prohibited when at Martingrove Tennis Club. Failure to follow Club rules will result in an Executive review potentially leading to membership removal.


5. Please cooperate in keeping the Club area and courts clean at all times.


6. No smoking is permitted within the Club's boundaries.


7. Please review our Tennis Etiquette Policy: here




I am interested in joining the Club. What does Membership entitle?


As a Member you will have priority access to the courts. Adults can participate in any Adult activity (provided there is space) and we have great Junior activities run by our Head Pro Mike Czerwinski & MC Academy of Tennis.


How can I pay for my Membership?


There are 3 ways to pay your Membership fees. 1) Cash (drop off at club). 2) Cheque (drop off at club). 3) Interac e-Transfer (our favourite!). Click here to learn how to send an Interac e-Transfer. It's secure and takes about 2 minutes to complete! Click here to learn more about Interac e-Transfers. If you have any questions please contact us at:




Are there court fees?


If you are a Member of Martingrove Tennis Club there are zero court fees (select activities do have a fee).




Are Non-Members allowed to play?


Non-Members can use the courts if they are not occupied by Members and upon payment of a guest fee. Our guest fee has been set at $5.00. The guest fee of $5.00 is to be charged and will be deducted from the Membership fee should you decide to join. Non-Members can come in as guests one time only and then you have to decide whether to acquire the Membership.


This is a good time to remind you to put your shoe tag on your shoes so everyone will know you are a Member.  Alternatively, non-members can play every Sunday from 5pm - 11pm.




Do you have a lesson program for Adults?


Yes! You can book Private lessons directly with our Head Pro Mike Czerwinski at (please review Coach's Corner for Mike's fees). If you're looking for Group lessons please send an email to and ask about Group lesson availability.




Do you have a lesson program for Juniors?


Yes! We have a Summer Camp and a Spring/Fall After-School Program. All activities are run by our Head Pro, Mike & MC Academy of Tennis. Mike's Camp and After-School Programs are great options to progress any level of tennis starting from beginner up to competitive tournament prep. Check out our Junior Activity page or email for more details.  You can also check our MC Academy of Tennis's website here.




Do Juniors need to pay for a Membership if they are only taking lessons with Mike or participating in a Junior Activity? 


Yes, a Junior Membership is only ($20) this will be the only extra fee that is needed to enjoy all of our Junior Activities!




Do Juniors have the same privileges as Adult Members?


Juniors have full access to the courts unless an Adult Activity is taking up all of the courts. If an Adult Activity is running and there is a court available Junior Members have full access to that court. Junior Members can also attend all of our monthly social activities!




Do you have any Adult Activities?


Yes! We have a Monday & Friday night Doubles Drop-in from 7pm - 9pm. Our Wednesday night House-League from 6pm - 11pm. Singles Ladder every Tuesday from 7pm - 11pm. Our Intercounty Team every Thursday night from 7pm - 11pm. If you have specific questions about any of our Adult activities please check out our Adult Activity page or contact us at




How do we know if an activity is cancelled?


If the activity is a Private or Group lesson with Mike, our Head Pro he will likely text you. If it is anything else we will post on the Updates page of our website or we might send out an email.




Are your courts indoor or outdoor and are you open all year?


We have 4 outdoor hard courts and we are open from April - October.



Whom do I contact if I have a question, problem or complaint?


Please contact, should we not resolve this for you, please send an email to our Executive Board.

How do I get in contact with the Executive Board?


Send us an email at




How can I improve my tennis skills?


Take a few Private Lessons with our Head Pro Mike to fully understand and execute the main fundamentals of tennis. Once you're able to consistently hit the ball back and forth join us on Monday & Friday for our Doubles Drop-in.

How does the Monday & Friday Drop-In work?

Every Monday & Friday from 7pm - 9pm players will be matched up on a court depending on their playing ability. There will be a coordinator at the club so all you need to do is show up ready to play with your racquet and some water. You do not need to bring anyone with you, because you will be matched up once you arrive. Changeovers will happen every 30-45 minutes depending on the number of players waiting. You will play doubles with men or women, it all depends on your playing ability.

How does the Singles Ladder work?

The Singles Ladder will run every alternating Tuesday/Thursday night from 7pm - 11pm. You will be given a username & password to login to our new online booking system. You will get to choose what time you play. Through the new booking system, you will be able to challenge players who have placed their name down for a specific court and time. Or you can place your name down and wait for another member to challenge you. You will move up and down on the ladder depending on whom you play and how many matches you win or lose.

How does House-League work?

Every Wednesday night from 6pm - 11pm House-League will be running. If you join House-League you will be playing at a different time every week (6-7, 7-8, 8-9, 9-10, 10-11), 1-hour matches. You will be able to view the schedule for the entire season online so you can plan accordingly. All you need to do is show up for your match ready to play with your racquet and some water. If you are unable to attend your scheduled match you can use the provided Sub-List to find a sub, you MUST find a sub for each match you cannot attend.

What does being a sub for House-League mean?

As a sub for House-League you will be placed on a list for House-League regulars to contact when they are unable to make a match. As a sub you will be able to choose if you want to take the match or not. Subs have no commitment, you have full control over the matches you cover or don't cover. The Sub-List will have your availability, email and phone number (you can opt-out of providing your phone number). 

How does Intercounty work?

Our Intercounty Team is a competitive team of individuals who travel to different clubs and play competitive doubles matches. There are four types of matches, mens, womens, mixed & gender-neutral. This activity has no cost but when we play matches at home the team will be responsible for providing food. For Intercounty we recommend players who can confidently and consistently play doubles, a 3.0 rating or higher would be a good fit for Intercounty but try-outs will determine if you make the team or not.

How do the free lessons work?

We offer 4 free lessons to members during the first 4 Mondays after we open.  The sessions will be separated by level of play (7pm - 8pm & 8pm - 9pm).  The beginners sessions start at 7pm and members will learn the core fundamentals of tennis.  The intermediate/advanced sessions start at 8pm and members will learn advanced strategy and more.  

Do I get anything for referring a new member?


YES! With an adult and up membership referral you will receive a free MTC Dri-Fit T-Shirt or a MTC Hat!

How will I know when a court is free?


Spring & Fall

Monday - Friday: Sunrise - 4pm

Saturday: Sunrise - 11am + 5pm - End of day

Sunday: 4pm - End of day


Monday - Friday (excluding Wednesday): 4pm - 7pm

Wednesday: 4pm - 6pm

Saturday: 4pm - End of day

Sunday: 5pm - End of day

Can I book a court?

Short answer, no.  Long answer, sometimes.  Certain activities allow courts to be booked, but as an individual trying to play with a friend or another member, no.

Do you have any fun initiatives?

Yes! #TeamUp (bi-monthly group lessons) - empowering members to improve their tennis skills with great lesson prices. #HitList (contact list for members looking to play more) - giving members the ability to contact other members to enjoy a match or get some practice in. Our newest initiative is #WeWillCelebreate (celebrating our members birthdays 🎂❤️) - taking place monthly during our Monday/Friday Drop-Ins.

#WeWillCelebrate - Schedule TBD!

#TeamUp - If you subscribed to these emails on the membership form keep an eye on your email!

#HitList - If you subscribed on the membership form ask for the list if you have not received it already!