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Activities We Offer

Congratulations to our Intercounty C1 Team!

Our Intercounty C1 Team lead by Wayne & Dorota made it all the way to the finals, we could not be more proud of the teamwork and success that took place this season, thank you and well done!

 Thank you Wayne Dickau, Dorota Duarte, Ricky Banal, Brian Bechard, Ivon Diaz, Carlos Duarte, Steve Filice, Yujin Jiang, Khalid Khan, Junchul Kim, Solhee Kim, Miguel Martinez, James Millar, Alina Morales, Saad Nizam, Diana Pammenter, Tamara Pelyavska, Chris Pimpirev, Johnny Potmesil, John Rizakos, Sava Sandic and Rachel Santos for being amazing and crushing it this season!


Mike and MC Academy of Tennis run all of our Junior Activities and lessons here at MTC.  Mike and his team have a passion for inspiring everyone to have fun through tennis and this is exactly why Mike and his team will continue to be a part of MTC for many years to come.  Looking for more information about the Junoir Activities we offer?  Check out this page.  Looking for more information about MC Academy of Tennis?  Check out the academy's new website.

Check out our Special Events below!


 Monthly Socials 


Looking for some fun? We gotcha with our social events!


Time: Weekends


Join us every month for our Monthly Social Events. Enjoy food, drinks, fun and of course, tennis! Social Events bring our MTC family together for a great day of fun and we encourage everyone to attend.

 Monday & Friday Night Drop-In 

Dates: Every Monday & Friday from 7pm - 9pm

*MTC's Featured Activity*


Join us at the club for our Monday & Friday Night Drop-In. Show up ready to play and I promise you'll have a good time! A coordinator will be at the club and get you on a court so you can enjoy several fun doubles matches.

Contact a Team Member

If you need immediate assistance please navigate to the bottom right of the page and send us an instant message. A Team Member will be happy to help!

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Membership & Adult Activities

Membership Chair


(416) 821-5555

MC Academy of Tennis & Junior Activities

Mike Czerwinski

Manager & Head Pro


(416) 821-5555


At MTC we strive to create an environment where everyone can meet new people and have fun playing the sport we all love. Our Mission is to enable everyone to be able to have fun through tennis. DM us to learn more about how we achieve this goal and why MTC is the place to be.


Mike Czerwinski

Manager & Head Pro


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